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What to know to plan yIur trip to India


Frist you will need a passport surely you do and if not I don't think your first country  should be India major culture shock. If you don't you can go to the post office to get a pass port application.   

Flights edreams, and sky scanner is my favorite sites to find flights but also very difficuly to impossible to cancel your flight if you need to but there always the cheepest. 

You will need a visa no sooner than 34 days before your trip but no later than 4 days before your trip. I suggest you get it sooner than 4 days in case your visa is denied and if you don't fill it out right it will be denied. Also I had a huge trouble with the website and it was weeks before I got to finish it so don't put it off!  If your a US citizen your visa will cost you 60$ fill out your visa application here this site will help you answer some of the tough questions. while you fill it out. 

You will need very important vaccines at least 6-4 weeks before don't put this off my local doctors didn't have vaccines and had to drive an hour away to get them so don't put off the appointment. I do live is a very small town lol I cant imagine to many people are going to india where I am from. 


I will be backpacking for 2 weeks I wanted to go longer but It was a bad time to be away for any longer. first off I will only take what can fit in this backpack. It's India the birth place of yoga so a yoga matt is a must plus I can use it to sleep on it. Although India is basically a  half dessert, I am always cold even at the beach so im bring a light weight rain coat to layer. I also have a canvas bag that I will use walking around in the markets. My coat and bag both roll up very small. 

Hygiene & Cosmetics

Sunglasses, sunblock, wichhazale, eye drops, chapstick, tree tea oil bar of soap, ear plugs, razors, germX, nail clippers, tweezers, bandaids, tree tea oil, Granola culture skin whip



Mascara, eyeliner, concealer, skin tint, elf eye brow kit. This is all the basic make up you need, last minute I did through in a few eye shadows, and bronzer. 


India Is a super conservative country so showing cleavage and tight leggings or pants that cling to your butt is a no go! I will be in india during there winter yet it still will be hot and muggy so I being a lover of fashion but also wanting to dress appropriate below is my list of what I packed and why.  

I have packed 2 light weight sun dresses with high necks, I have also packed leggings that hit mid calf although I cant wear them as pants I can sleep in them and if I feel I am getting to many stares from other people I can cover more skin I can put them on or take them off accordingly, also above is a light weight linen shirt i can use to wear if I want to cover even more skin and/if im cold. everything I pack is light weight clothing that can be for laying. I can wear the leggings, dress and long tunic shirt all at once and still look cute and have the choice to take layers off.  

1 jumper, 1 pants, 1capri pant, 1 skort, 1 cargo shorts, 1 nice dress: the jumper and dress are easy light weight and ways to look nice if needed cause 

6 tops that I can mix match with 5 bottoms I packed

3 swimming suits because in Goa there will be alot of swimming and beach time! Goa is more relaxed and you can show a little more skin there.

1 scarves and 1 performance towel. Scarves to cover up when you maybe show to much skin and also as a beach cover you will buy more when you get there. In many hostels you will need your own towel this performance towel will be helpful in many different ways. 

A camera im bringing 3 lol, chargers for phone and camera, converter, head phones


Other stuff.......

baby wipes, more germX, Meds such as pepto, probiotics, close toe shoes, a journal, lots of socks and under where, hairbows, snacks,  TOILETTE PAPER!

I use a blog hippie in heels to plan and research for india she's a solo female traveler from Ohio that live's in India backpacking around she's a total bad ass and my idol! Her blog has helped me alot with planing! 

India is an intimidating  country for a female to travel it will be quite the adventure for me and I hope you all follow my journey here on my blog and Instgram Laura_allstar.