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Husk Recreation: broiled okra and cat fish

I visit Husk in Nashville TN and cant stop craving it. So she recreate her own.

We grew our own okra, squash, and caught the catfish our goal is to raise and cook all our own food or buy local and encourage others to do the same for better quality food! 

Now for the recipe.......
take your fresh fish, batter it in egg, then dip in corn meal salt and pepper. when oil is ready you should be able to drop the batter in the oil and if it crackles and pops its ready to go! slide the fish in slowly and cook till golden brown (about 10-15 minutes if your not deep frying 10 minutes on each side)  Be careful hot oil is painful and don't consume raw fish!  
slice okra then broil okra on high for lightly brown, then salt
slice squash, and toss in melted butter about 4 tea spoons, add salt pepper and garlic cook till tender about (5-10 minutes on medium heat depending how tender you want them i like mine soft and caramelized )
To make spicy mayo add about 1/3 mayo and 1/4 of Sriracha, Sriracha is a sweeter pepper its not to spicy but you can add more or less to you liking. 

feel free to season your fish batter and squash how you like cooking should be fun so play with your food we give you permission.