Thankful for the little things...

The season to be grateful and thankful is right around the corner! We will stuff our bellies full and complain about the abundance food.  So this brings up something that weighs heavy on my heart...

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We've all done it, cursed the tractor that held up traffic. Complaint about the grocery prices in the stores. But the farmer on that tractor rather be anywhere else too and we pay less as a culture for food than we ever have in history. Yet we demand the highest quality food! We want GMO free, organic, and free range but we want to pay less and we want to always have it available to us at all times whether it's is season or not. Back breaking work to feed Ameriaca and beond and most are over the age of 60. 

Kentucky Tabacco 

Kentucky Tabacco 

The stereotype is that farmers are often seen a simple men, ignorant and dirty . Farmers have a new challenges everyday, the weather, a constant change in the market, unexpected illness, accounting, conservation, and so much more. They're preserving a tradition from decades while also going to class to learn the future of farming. Yes I said class as, in school. Many good farmers work all day and take regular night classes through out their life to stay on top of new research and agriculture news. Because although they don't get the recognition, they to are business owners. They have to organize there taxes and manage their operation just like any business owner. Except if all the farmers decided to close their gates, all of America would feel it! All this work feeding billions of people and they do it in the shadows and never seeking glory.


They spend all day outside being humbled by the earth they work, working for people that will never know their name or care to know it. The common person does not respect the hard work it took to get the harvest on their plate. Constantly feeding A hungry society that's all about more, better and perfection. If there's anybody to aspire to be like it is a farmer. So that we can all be humble, hardworking and wise.

Kentucky Soybean

Kentucky Soybean

Want to make an impact on this world? FARM! In uncertain times they only way to gain the ultimate freedom is by farming because no matter what happens nobody can take away your work ethic or wisdom to grow food. It’s the most important knowledge we can hold and we take it for granted.


Because of the negative backlash from society and the misinterpretation we are losing farmers. The newer generation have no desire to farm and the past generations are dying or selling out. What is your favorite food? Imagine the news headline when it is gone or in severe shortage.

Kentucky Hay

Kentucky Hay

In a world where anxiety and depression has swept the nation, I cant help but feel if we put down the phone and pick up a shovel we would feel better. We are consumed over instant gratification. We need to feel good about our self immediately. We post a selfie and hope for the most likes. I believe we can feel more fulfilled by putting more care in to our food. How?  Plant a seed, to care for it, harvest it, then cook a meal with it. Thats continuously giving us something more therapeutic then 100 like on a photo.  

Kentucky grown corn

Kentucky grown corn

To actually feel the wind in your hair as you work.  Sweating for something that will go out and affect most of the world is a feeling that is truly more satisfying than anything we can find on the internet. To be a part of a bigger picture and preserve a skill that's never going out of style. Farming will push you to your limit, and teach you patients.  Farming shows you that you are such a small speck in this world while also realizing a small ripple will become a big wave.  It feels good to disconnect from the social world and plug back in to this earth. I hope to encourage are youth both guys and girls to give this simple life a thought whether I encourage you to become a big time grain producer or just plant some garlic in your window seal.


I believe Farming is the Future !

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