We showed up to the glitz hotel in Jaipur I remember the name because It was my favorite place we stayed in all of Rajasthan a very cozy room with lots of personality. I also remember thinking it sounded like a gay bar in West Hollywood. Lol It had great food, a little pricy compared to other places we ate, but we got a free  breakfast Buffett so it balanced itself out.

We went to one of the most famous forts  in Rajasthan, the Amer Fort which had Hindu & Muslim elements and offered elephant rides. Animal welfare groups have criticized the keeping of elephants at Amer as recent government inspections have revealed inadequate housing conditions and abuse of the animals, so you may want to think twice before taking a ride. In fact, you should never ride an elephant! 

Its also known as  'Ganesh Pol' which is a gate that leads to the private palaces of the kings. As our tour guide showed us around I couldn't help but think all the secrets these walls had. The rooms were designed so that the maharaja could visit all his wives at night and without the others knowing. As you walk deeper in to the fort all the cool marble immediately cools you down and the outside noises are blocked off. There were beautiful majestic marble structures and perfectly manicured gardens. The mirror room was my favorite of course. Photo’s don't do it justice but that didn't stop me from taking 2 million. 

   We again had a tour guide we did not ask for but it would also be our last one on the trip so we didn't fight it. He was our age and down to earth so it was much better than in Agra at the Taj Mahal. The good thing about having him though is that he lived in that town and took us to the nice local temple at the end that didn't have an over flow of tourists there. 


At that temple is where things became comical and our tour guide really opened up to us as he sought advice. He told us that he was Islamic, 24 years old, had never had sex, and about to be married. Being young Americans with no religious sexual restrictions he took the opportunity when talking about a karma sutra temple to ask us for sex advice and slip in his curiosity. I'm sure it's very taboo for him to talk to strangers about sex but he seemed genuinely concerned about "if he would be able to do it right" Aj is not the type to talk about that kind of stuff, but me on the other hand has been on national television exposing it all. He was not creepy and he was honestly concerned about sex with his wife to be so I answered some of his very odd questions as AJ sat in the corner dying on the inside . It was strange to us because living in America we have friends and sex education, as well as other outlets we can use to learn about sex. It was a unique experience into his culture and although we knew there where such strict sex and religious belief’s it was cool to experience it first hand. Americans don't think about learning how to have sex, it just happens with our culture. After seeing this guy's agony it's doesn't always seem like a bad thing.  He told us that karma sutra temples where there to teach the Indian people about sex because It was taboo to talk about sex even with your parents. Personally I believe we were put here to evolve and to learn to think for ourselves, and make choices based on deciding if it's right or wrong or moral and not just because we where told if it was right or wrong where others believe in tradition. As a woman I think it’s important to know when the right time to have sex is. If you don’t believe in waiting until marriage then it can get confusing, especially for hormonal teenagers. Its tough to know sometimes, I personally believe you should make the conscious decision when you're fully aware of the risk and still fully ready to make that step with a clear head. Yes there is the risk of getting pregnant or contracting an std, but I more-so mean the risk that you know you could grow feelings for that person and that it may or may not work out with that person. The Dalai Lama once said after being asked "why he didn't marry or have sex", he replied "its messy", and he wasn't talking about the physical act, but the feelings that come with it. I could go on but I have to start on my next blog about my face to face elephant experience in India.