My talk with a Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Jones from Wild Health!

Im a model yet down to earth with my skin care, maybe too down to earth. I just don’t have it in me to use 7 different creams twice a day, DIY masks and use a jade roller, I’m lucky to just get my arm pits shaved.

So here I am still modeling, a mom, getting married, and turning 30 this year! So naturally this leaves me wondering about my health and my skin. Ive always shyed away from seeing an esthetician regularly, partly because maybe im lazy but mostly because I had never been! So if I scheduled an appointment I wouldn’t even know what to ask for! I don’t know the lingo or what it even dose for your skin not to mention the taboo and myths people put on botox and other procedures.


That being said i’ve always been curious (or should I say desperate) to how women always have clear, glowing skin. It kills me, I feel with skin like that I could rule the world! Skin takes your confidents so far its 2019 skin should not be this hard. mostly because people want to profit on women’s insecurities and because theres a-lot of mis information out there! so heres why I trust Dr. Jones and WILD HEALTH !

First a friend of mine from my same home town and has been going to her for almost 10 years suggested her. Second Dr Jones is Fellowship trained in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery with a focus on Cosmetic treatment of the Aging Face.

Third at the end of the day she’s just a mom and knows life’s hard and it can leave you feeling dull and loathing but yet too young to feel that damn old! She’s not afraid to tell you “hey that part of you is actually beautiful, your being to hard on your self and I actually don’t think you need that done”! You leave her office “WILD HEALTH” feeling beautiful inside and out because if a plastic surgeon is telling you your natural self is beautiful as is then it leaves you feeling pretty damn good! I think it says a lot about a plastic surgeon that doesn’t just sell you a-bunch of things and able to listen to you about what you really want/need. She was honest with me so I felt I could be honest with her, it really felt like I was just catching up with a girl friend. She also let me ask so many question and truly want to just educate me.


So Dr. Jones let me talk here ear off and I was pleasantly surprised heres what I learned!

My frist question was do I have rosacea!!!???? I don’t know how many times people have comment on my cheeks, complete strangers diagnosing me with rosacea. Ridiculous, yet if so many people are saying it then maybe there is some truth in it.

Dr Jones said No technical I do not, obviously I have redness but true rosacea has bumps and acne with in the red. That being said Rosacea is treatable. We used a BBL treatment on my face and chest to reduce redness and pore size. She told me it would be like a rubber band snapping but being some one that’s been snapped by a rubber band by my little brother I will tell you it dose feel no where nearly as bad as that. It did not hurt it was more the anticipation of when it was coming. I can already see results and true results come with in a week but more so and after your second treatment (2 weeks later)

I saw results about a week and a half and have made my second. You do have to stay out of the sun, you cant work out and you shouldn’t drink .. nothing that gets you flushed for BBL

Afterwards her esthetician did a cooling and hydration facial on me where once again we had some great girl talk and busting myths about skin like whats actually is microblading and I should not be exfoliating like I had been for my skin type!.


I had 1 million questions about this and Dr. Jones answered them all! first off I told her the whole needle in the face thing was hard to wrap my head around she laughed and said thats what everyones says.

Well thats funny because it seems everyone gets botox these days so it must not be that bad! So I asked on.. there is a numbing cream for big babies and for people like myself. There’s this whole taboo where people associate bad plastic surgery with being overly botoxed or not being able to move your face. Because we have all seen this taboo botched character in movies yet almost every Hollywood actress has perfect, ageless but natural looking skin? So whats really going on? Well botox its used for them tricky areas that we our muscles

First off it’s investing in your skin means investing in your confidents. weather its a sunscreen u like or botox or both. No one facial isn’t going to clear you skin up over night but regular visits will help longterm your skins over all health and look! Its just like anything worth keeping around you got to take care of it.

Sunscreen theres a reason every dermatologist, esthetician, and plastic surgeon has been screaming sunscreen since the day we discovered we would like our skin to look good! It’s something that takes very little thought but works! The sun ages our skin end of case! We are all guilty of it and I personally know i’m guilty of it and its because sunscreen has always broke my face out, or to oily my make up don’t go over it well. Dr Jones told me that the sunscreen i was using was a good one (shocked me actually) but since I told her I wasn’t that happy with my sunscreen she recommend some to me and Im tried them for a week now and very happy with them. one tinted, regular, and for working out. She also told me all sunscreen are not equal and that not all protect you from rays that come through glass so if you work by a window or drive a lot in a car you could be aging your skin. Also 100 SPF is not always the best. In this case size doesn’t always matter. here are the sunscreens she recommended for me.

Whatever your skin condition know there is help, Hello we haven’t came this far in time to not have cracked that code. but over the counter might not cut it for most of us and we shouldn’t feel judged, or intimidated for seeking that! A good doctor can help you, it takes listening to you and no you wont come out looking like Donatella Versace. I cant tell you what you need, all us women (and men) are different and in need of something different theres no one cure all but in fact there is a verity of options for everyone! I’ve tried a treatment and a facial will be trying a few more (ill also be reporting back on them as well)! I can tell you Wild Health and Dr. Jones is the best so much so I drive 1.5 hour to Lexington to get to Wild Health. What makes them different? Yes that do skin wellness but half the practice also focus on wellness from with in our bodies because they care about more than skin deep issues !

Wild Health also specializes in…

Athletic Performance Optimization

Hormone Replacement Therapy

weight loss, healthy aging

Dementia and Alzheimer's

Precision medicine and health optimization

that being said I have scheduled many more appointments including my dad one for health optimization and Dementia and Alzheimer's testing. I cant wait to share the out comes with you!