photo by  Walt Knies

photo by Walt Knies

Everyone feels a since of pride for there home town just for the mere fact they where born there and I've always been proud of where I grew up but this weekend cow bell days raised the bar of pride for Stanford Ky. This nostalgic event had all the southern charm you expect out of a small town festival and MORE! 

Ky Darling had a booth at cow bell day and we had people sign up for our new news letter for the chance to win a 36oz porterhouse steak that's more than 2 lbs of meat! We also gave away 3 lbs of sausage and 2 packs of hamburger patties along with Martha D Bastin's famous Windy Hill Farm Veggies! Our winner was Carolyn Marks ! 

Veggies from Windy Hill Farms and Martha D  

Veggies from Windy Hill Farms and Martha D  

Willow and I also judged the Miss Cow bell days pageant and personally I loved and hated it. Because judging girls is exactly what I don't want to do it life ! But I loved it because it gave me an opportunity to here the voices of our youth I was curious but I was not disappointed. I asked the girls 2 questions 1. The definition of beauty and 2. With so many problems in the world what problem would you chose to tackle and why/how. Many of the girls spoke about ending racism and hate, and some had saw the need for better early childhood education. Most girls understood beauty came from confidence and just being who you are. They girl that defined beauty the best was also the youngest girl we had.  Which tells me it's never too young to teach our young girls that beauty comes within. 

The first day of cow bell days Martha beat me to the towns favorite cattlemen ribeye's and that beef must of really done her good cause she also beat me in the hay bail throwing contest too but then again so did everyone. hahaha Hey I still did pretty darn good and Martha really represented the female farmers well with her throw beating many of the young teenage boys! 


My dad and I agreed we want to put a float in the parade next year and already planing ideas! Cow bell days was such a delightful event with everything you could want with live music, snow cones, local and unique crafts petting zoo and the very fun farm olympics. I can't help but get choked up to see how much my town has grown since I been gone the last 8 years. Since we been gone we have got an organic restaurant,trendy boutiques, homemade ice cream parlor farmers market and even a gallery. Make it the perfect time to settle down with Willow and let Ky Darling Meats Flourish!

the grand marshal of the parade 

the grand marshal of the parade 

the very popular cow planters made by Steven Bullock from Main Street Woodworking 

the very popular cow planters made by Steven Bullock from Main Street Woodworking 

Community is important to the survival of a town and that's why it's so important to support cow bell days. Its revenue for the city and its people and just generally good for morale. Ky Darling is warmed by all the support it's got for the community you guys have truly made a job in to a dream. We are thrilled when we here all the great reviews and how much y'all love it. It makes our job easier when we find our customers already know the importance of eating local and farm fresh! It's why we know it's important for ky Darling to grow, so we can provide our community with quality and clean food! Our big goals for Ky Darling is something that will effect the community in a positive way and not just as costumers but hopeful growing the whole Ky Darling team. Out side of just meat. Our goals go beyond your wildest imagination and we hope you continue to support us so we can support y'all! Till then here's a grilling recipe for all those father day big daddy steaks we sold this week!


Cooking by Tempature and Time


rare- 130-135F  first side 6 min after turning 4

med rare 140-145F first side7 after turning 5

medium 150-160F first side 7 after turning 6

well done 165-170F first side 10 after turning 8


Tips :

It will continue to cook up to 5 degrees after its removed.

Flip steaks only once it actually prevents it from sticking and cooks more even. 

Let the steak sit for 2-5 minutes before cutting and serving.

you can sprinkle it with coarse salt let is sit in th efrig for the day or as little as an hour. before cooking rinse salt pat dry and season to cook.

let your steak sit for 30 minutes to come to room temp before cooking

Tips for cooking in the skillet:

warm oven safe skillet in oven to 450

in warmed skillet place fat edge of the steak until fat is released in skillet and fat is browned