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Being a model the pressure of having flawless skin is a burden to me mostly because I DON'T have naturally perfect skin. Im also expected to look younger and young mean while im just aging. So 7 years of modeling have gave my several trick up my sleeve most being all natural! so here it is every thing you will find in my bathroom minus the farts!


Alaffia is a fair trade, vegan, no animal testing brand see it's already starting out great! 1 bottle of shampoo and conditioner is chepper than any other in the the shampoo aisle at 11.00 it last me more than 6 mouth's and my hair is so clean and soft! I also use the "everyday coconut body lotion" cheeper, last long and it feels nice. The chemicals in most shampoo can create female balding in later years and if thats not a good enough excuse to give up non natural and organic shampoo I don't know what would! 

Granola Culture Cosmetics is hand made by a single artist named Malinda, 100% free of GMO's, organic and local sourced ingredients and no fillers.  There bags are hand made from suppliers that are organic, fair trade and all purchasing profits go to "women and families victims of domestic violence/sexual abuse non profit". in this photo is the lip conditioner, lip and cheek tint, DeboHEme nourishing creme, ELLEboheme nourishing skin whip. My favorite part about Granola Culture Cosmetics is the smells are so elegant very different from other hippy cosmetics. The  ELLEboheme nourishing skin whip has a unique texture and at frist I was sure how I liked it because it was different but it made my skin so soft unlike any other cream I have used. I put it on before bed and I woke up still so soft I have extremely dry skin so this was surprisingly wonderful. the lip and cheek tint is the perfect color I have a naturally red face and this still worked for me. Since the tint has natural ingredients its also doing your skin good while wearing it all there products are.  What else I love about Granola Culture Cosmetics is Malinda and her family there wonderful people and great parents it didn't take much time to relize they are inspiring loving people. There daughter was just the most adorable and gave me the sweetest hugs that melted my heart. One day when im a mother I hope to pick there brains because there should be more people like them! So why have u found them on IG yet? go on follow them at @GranolaCulture  

Plainview Farm a local goat farm in my home town and all organic. I love there oatmeal and tree tea oil bar of soap I use it on my face. The tree tea oil is great for acne and the oatmeal is very soothing and exfoliating. Neither are over drying, I have naturally dry skin and I use to void bar soap at all cost now its all I use. There bar soap is what what I owe my skin improvement to.  They also have nice goat milk hand soap and hand cream the lavender is my favorite.

Witchhazel- it has full of disinfectant properties and prevents inflammation. I use it for a natural toner when I wake up, after i workout, after I shower or wash my face. it lock in moisture, great for red irritated skin, sunburn, ECZEMA AND PSORIASIS, acne, and so much more.

Coconut oil- frist off make sure you have a good brand cold, unrefined, cold pressed and should smell like coconut! Coconut oil is good for everything gentle make up remover, oil pulling (it can cure a cavity and oral health) anti hair treatments, moisturizer, anti-aging, anti-fungal, personal lubricant, reduces stretch marks, improves brain functions, raise's metabolism, burns calories as much as 250 a day, 

Baking soda- I use it for a lot when i have a extreme hair crap in my hair from shoots i mix it in my shampoo, i brush my teeth with it, i put it in my baths,  body scrub, it's also supper healthy to drink. Baking sodas make up so many beauty products and it s so cheep 89 cent a box!!!! now add up all the money you spent on beauty products and how much you can replace baking soda with. (not in the photo)

Tree tea oil- I use both kinds above one is an oil infused and one is more potent. Tree tea oil is used for acne, allergic reactions, rash's, kills fungus and bacteria and candida. You can not drink it its topical only.  

Sunscreen-You must keep that lovely face protected from the sun it's so vital for healthy young skin. sunscreens break me out but this one works great for me. 

Acne spot treatment- Clnique's acne solution spot gel, a little goes a long away it burn i wont like usually cause i shamelessly picked my face mer also I here Mario Badescu drying lotion also known as "the Pink stuff" the editor of a magazine told me about this. 

Burts Bee's- brighting dark spot corrector this has helped with acne scars, and chapstick because we all eat off our chapstick so we should care what we put on our lips. I also like the rosemary body wash. 


Clarisonic- it's a deep cleaner, and exfoliate, for days I have super dry skin and/or loads of make up on. It helps scaring and anit aging it's like at home micoderma. The brand Clarisonic is vital I had an Olay brand and although I do like Olay this is an aggressive cleaner and made to be gentle and although Clarisonic is expensive other brands can actually hut your skin. My best friend Brittany Brower who was an aesthetician (now engaged and modeling full time). She has never steered me wrong and is the one that not just suggest me buy a Clarisonic but made me and im so thankful. She also forced me to use a daily sunscreen. follow her on IG @brittanyBrower at she's amazing with beauty brands and just pure beautiful. 

Fiber mask - I just recently started these mask I use my Clarisonic then a mask and It feels like a trip to the spa. 

This is Brittany see how awesome she is! lol 

Part of my beauty routine also means what I put in to it and the product above are part on my every day routine. Rainbow light are all natural vitamins but there more than that they also have probiotic and enzymes in them.  Moringa Powder help depression, improves immunity, great for your skin and hair because it help in the aid of keratin, its anit-aging, good for pregnant women, diabetes, low cholesterol, blood pressure,full of antioxidants, reduce inflammations,  and its a good detox. but it is kinda gross lol you can bake with it or put it in your smoothie I personal just put a scoop in my green tea and chug. I drink 2-4 cups of green tea today IT IS FANTASTIC FOR METABOLISM, its a fat burner, lowers your risk of some cancers diabetes and cardiovascular disease , great for brain functions, kills bacteria making it good for dental health, but loading it down with sugar voids all of that so just enjoy a hot cup of green tea I promise its quite tasty.  

This year I took an antibiotic after I had 4 wisdom teeth cut out and this started my obsession with probiotics uses and its something all women should start.  

Colloidal Sliver- There are so many good uses but I use it when Im sick or to strength my immune system before traveling. 

Cystic Acne - So Im a 26 years old with pale sensitive skin with cystic acne, and Im just now learning to control it and heres how I do that with my daily beauty regime. First off cystic acne is a complicated condition No one is sure of the exact cause, but hormones called androgens play a part. When you’re a teenager, androgens increase also increased by stress. In women, hormone changes can be brought on by menstrual cycles, pregnancymenopause, or a condition called polycystic ovary syndrome. cystic acne is more common in men. Cystic acne can happen at any age, mine started after high school. cystic acne is a hard inflamed pimple that never gets a head if you had one you know exactly what I'm talking about if you haven't well lucky you. cystic acne can cause scaring and low self esteem. to get even more complex the pimple is made by a hormone and a strong bacteria that certain people are prone to. Doctors can prescribe things like antibiotics, birth control, acne meds like Accutane, and I tried all that. I'm a hippy so I hated putting hormones in my body, the antibiotics worked for a little while and is also bad for you, and I had acne meds and that really messed me up and still none of it lasted long term. So after I read what felt like a billion articles over the past 2 years one article finally hit home for me and it helped me so much. here it is... the article explained that the acne is increased by inflammation in the body and one number one cause of inflammation is caused by dairy and carbs. As soon as I cut down on both I seen 99.9 % of my cystic acne go away even on my period. I still eat both but i feel great and skin looks so much better the redness is better and no hard pimples. I strongly believe different things work for everyone so while this may work for me it may not for you. but its free and easy to try in stead of beauty counter fixes so start here and if your still not better here’s an article that helped this girl.... 

So although my skins still not the perfection I want because I’m still Irish and sensitive I'm so much happier with it. 

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