Nashville NYE 2K16


The 3 bohemian babes have hit the road with some of our girl friends to reel in the New Year in Nashville, TN with Kings of Leon! Nashville is a place where you can get the cliché country music experience with loads of nostalgia. It’s a place you can get the full hipster experience and feel like a cool kid. A great spot to get down to some free music!  It’s the city’s oldest promise; no cover charges on the strip & free music for all. We have come here for all 3! Kings of Leon is putting on a free sponsored concert & we also plan to hit up the classic Johnny Cash museum. Stopping by some of my favorite hipster foodie spots and vintage clothing stores are a must!

Sooo, here we goooooooooo!

Thursday Night! NYE2k16

Kings of Leon was epic!  As I walked down the ramp I couldn't help but go back in time, Hannah couldn’t stop giggling from excitement and it brings a smile to my face. Faux fur draped over my shoulders, cool breeze twisting around my curls; suddenly I was penny lane here to rock out in the most fabulous way. We were all so anxious, the crowd grew hostile waiting for the band to start, but as soon as they came on stage with their amazing song Crawl we all slipped in to the zone!  No more worries, just the beautiful jar from the amps and the sweet crisp voice of Caleb Followill.  The crowd swayed back and forth as one. Hugged up with Chey swaying to "pyro"  like a wave in the ocean the crowds pulls us forward then back again. Time stood still no more pushing & shoving, young people, old people, drunk girls with bare legs, girls in parkas and mittens on, men in suits, men with yummy man buns;  at that current moment we all shared one thing, we were  all moved by the grove. One of our girl friends came as a half way Kings of Leon fan, but she sure left as one!  As the night progressed it was a completely drug free high.  KOL is just amazing!  Seeing them live proved just how talented of a band they are.  When midnight struck & Nashville’s music note dropped it was priceless!  Canons roared as they let out fireworks and streamers, confetti flew through the air. It looked so magical; but also in reality I’m sure that shit ain’t good for the environment lol


Friday the 1st


It's 7am, the sun creeping into our hotel. As much as our sleepy eyes refuse to wake up the sun is more persistent, so Hannah and I head to AM yoga, a slight struggle after last night but we made it! Hannah turns on some more KOL and I jump up waving my hands in the air like I’m back at the concert again.  I quickly put them back down because, hey, it’s too early for that crap.  I had enough energy to celebrate good music, but only for a second. After a long ride on the struggle bus we are finally human again and ready to hit a different kind of fiesta. We hoped over to the Mas Taco, a taco truck turned hole in the wall restaurant. I heard and ate there after one of my friends took me there after reading an article about how it’s one of, lead singer of the Black Keys’, Dan Auerbach’s favorite places to eat in Nashville. When a cool cat like Dan suggest a place you better try it out!  My high expectations were met to the fullest! After my mas taco experience I dreamed of the food and so I couldn’t wait to take the girls there. I had had the tortilla soup and chicken tacos but I honestly could have tried everything on the menu.  A bit overwhelming because it’s a little cramped place and it’s always packed, but definitely worth the wait. Today when we got there it was closed because of NYE so we were all completely bummed and having our hearts set on Mexican, we did a little googling and found another award winning local Mexican joint.  Rosepepper Cantina was packed to the gills!  The staff was slightly grouchy, but everyone was, you let it go though because the authentic Mexican food really hit the spot! My favorite was the perfect golden brown bowl of soft, chewy, crisp, deep fried tortilla with their guacamole on the inside. It came as a side with some of the dishes but you could order it too. With salsa so good you could drink it, it was only the start of the killer Mexican meal and the cure for our Mexican desires. After a meal like that and in nirvana about it we decided to go swimming back at the hotel.. except we didn’t have swim wear so we settled for a dip in our undies.


Back out on the town our first stop of the night is Laya’s; where we got there just in time to listen to Nick Cross and the Wanderers.  & boy was they jammin!  We danced so hard you would have thought we were going to put a hole in that floor. The band was great, the vibes were great, and so we were great!  Nick Cross spilled his PBR on his pedal and caused a slight commotion but he handled it like a rugged & charming rock star. He yells at the crowd “we are just rocking way too hard!” and Chey yells back “there’s no such thing!” By now all our leather coats are tossed to a side and our faces are dewy with sweat. After that Nick threw a little Latin flavor our way so we just danced harder and spun circles around the crowd.  It didn’t go unnoticed. The guys had one last song in their set before the next band so Nick says “idk what y’all want to hear but I think it needs to be a Latin feel, we want these beautiful ladies to stick around and dance”.  So I tell all you ladies don’t just dance, dance hard and full of passion. Next up is one of my oldest favorites in Nashville. Robert’s Western World, they are always packed shoulder to shoulder but it’s because they’re the OG’s of the Nashville strip.  They play the good country music, the old time stuff. The door man looks like an old school mountain man. You can always expect to see unique instruments on stage and completely original characters. A cutie at the bar caught my eye but it was packed and we couldn’t dance so we had to move on.  I left that brown eyed boy with a wink as we moved on to Tequila Cowboy.


It was my first time at Tequila Cowboys and I wouldn’t say it was my favorite.  With an unusual crowd and music choice but only cause me and Chey like to keep things funky. I’m pretty sure this is a hip crowd pleaser for lots of young people. The music was techno country one minute then 90s throw back the next.  Mostly, I think they killed my vibe with a terrible rendition of a Johnny Cash song, you don’t mess with the man in black.  Eventually we made our way upstairs where we found ourself in the middle of the movie Step Up.  This made Hannah excited!   Her love for hip hop and competition forced us to stay for another 2 hours.  She left dripping with sweat & crowned the best ginger hip hop dancer of the night, possibly the only. 

Back at the hotel and in bed tired we all giggled over pillow talk and agreed that it had been the best New Year’s we had all ever had. People think the holidays are lonely but if you surround yourself with like minded people that you can trust, be honest with, & laugh with; you will never be unhappy! & if you’re comfortable in your own skin you will never be lonely. Yes this is much easier said than done. Often it takes time before you find your tribe with the best vibes. Life has a way of beating you down, if you once felt good in your own skin there will be time you are defeated and insecurity’s creep in; so no it’s not always easy. That why it’s vital to always be working on our self, none of this new year new me bull shit. Make it so that every day you strive to be a better person, even if it just a tad better than who you where the day before.  The end of a year really makes reflect on the past and the trust is that we are always revolving we are never who we use to be and that's a good thing.  There may be discomfort in change but it’s never as disturbing as if you’re a person that’s never made progress. It’s a constant battle trying to be a good person, to better our self, to grow, but we aren’t alone.  We are all doing it together so let just support one another!

We know it ain't easy so here's a great link to a blog we liked that help's give you the ability to find your tribe! 

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