2015 been a blast!

2015 was good mostly cause it was a healing year for me. I had a bad break to someone I thought id marry so 2015 I spent all year picking up pieces to a life that was completely turned around. It wasn’t really a bad thing though I left an agency, signed with a new agency and moved to Mexico, WWOOFed in Ireland, backpacked London, Paris, and Germany. I was physically healthier than ever. Earlier in my life and modeling career (2012ish) I was to thin and it had cause depression and physical health problems. I had over came an unhealthy obsession and had dedicated my life to a healthy life style one that treated my body good and brought me more peace to my life. I didn't care if I ever booked another modeling gig in my life at least I'd have my sanity and well-being. Luckily I did book another job, actually many jobs, so far I've been blessed and still modeling. Although my career was going good and I was physically better than ever. But after the break up, emotionally I was not in a great place. I was scorned and bitter. I was once the most peaceful person you'd ever met and I didn't know how I lost all that peace over night but 2015 forced me to face a lot and forced me to find my peace again. I went even deeper than just the break up. Being and artist in the entertainment and media industry you can't help be your own worst enemy and nobody is your bigger critic than you are. These habits went way back in to my middle school years growing up dyslexic not being properly diagnosed, not understanding why I struggled and why I was so different than other kids. it made me self-conscious and lowered my self esteem. It's ONE of the hardest things I think a person can shake off low self esteem and over thinking. I still struggle with it and I think most people do but nobody addresses it that's why I've dedicated everyday to a better way of living. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and documenting it on my blog and social media. In hopes to spread positive thinking and a healthy balanced life style. I have so many impressionable young female fans so I want them to know I'm just like them, that I'm not that glamorous and I have the same problems as them I think it's a step towards a healthier generation. Starting this blog has been therapeutic for me and I hope for others, and a great way to connect with my fans let them see me for who I really am since so many years have past since my first appearance on America's next top model. I want to use my platform for a greater cause, surround my self with people that have a similar way of thinking and join forces.  I think many of you were pleasantly surprise to find out I was much more than a model! Modeling is my job and dream as a young girl but I'm so much more. My passions in life are quite humble I live on farm/small holding, I garden, I back pack, I cook a lot, I run my own charity, I’ve started yoga and I still suck but working towards getting better. Im just a huge hippy that loves blues, rock, bossa nova and folk music. Bands like shaky graves, Alabama shakes, kings of Leon, BB king, Jake bugg, black keys, Jhonny cash, houndmouth, Nathaniel Rateliff and the night sweats, Odessa, glass animals, max frost, shovels and ropes, Stevie Ray Vaughan, STP, turnpike and troubadours and Tom Petty. Shewwwww theres so many!  

 I'm happy so many of you have came to support my blog and hopefully share my mission! So that's why I'm bringing you even more in 2016. I'm very excited for some big projects I have planned! Most involve MORE TRAVEL!!!!! My blogs have been going surprisingly well for a dis-organized dyslexic hippy! So one night well I guess really several nights while having wine, talking about music, my blog, traveling, and our recent heart ache with my girls Cheyenne and my sister Hannah, they said "Laura you're not leaving us behind. We're joining you in the mission." That night something beautiful happen. 3 hippy’s made big plans for good vibes and empowering our self as single independent women. We want to empower other women and promote safe fun travel for women that want to travel alone! This is a lifestyle blog that talks about my travels, how I raise my food and cook it. We believe in a better way to heal our body's and that we should live to eat, not eat to live. Oh and of course fashion cause duh I'm a female and a model that likes pretty things lol!  Now that my sisters are on board you can expect so much more from this blog and everything Ive been doing is on steroids! Bohemian fashion, good food, no wait GREAT food, traveling, road trips, girl talk, special guest, and inspiration cause who cant use some positive vibes to get them through the week. Yall will love Chey and Hannah. I know because they’re an extinction of me. We are the 3 hippy amigo’s that have like minds, similar goals to spread positive thinking, travel and empower women! I met Chey in high school we didn’t actually have any classes together but our boyfriends at the time were friends in school. They would come to my mine and boyfriends house on the weekends. Later in life after I was on America’s next top model the media frenzy in my home town was wild and so clique every one came out of the wood works I had new “cousin’s”  “friends’ and even “boy friends” people I had no connection to or even knew claimed me. It was a roller coaster ride and Chey called all of them out. Later a girl yelled at me at a party but Chey jumped on her and punched her. Now that was along time ago and Chey is very peaceful but we were young, wild and maybe we had also just shot gunned a beer. When our friends pulled her off the other girl Chey yelled “that was my first fight” hahahahah I also think it was her last, you know wanted to end her winning streak on a good note.  Ha but no matter how long I go with out talking to Chey I can always come back and she’s still the most genuine person. I haven't met too many people that know exactly who they are in life like Chey does and that's truly a blessing specially.

Hannah now she was my first baby sister. The movement I held her I was in love. Just cause she’s my baby sister and don’t get it twisted, she will snap you in half in a second. She’s a redhead with a baby face, she’s also the more responsible one and takes care of me a lot. We are both Gemini, we are each others twin and soul mates. I can look at her and she can read my mind. We laugh so hard together and fight so hard together we are just alike yet so opposite. So are y'all ready to met them?....... 



Greetings all ye good people! Cheyenne here, ready to rock & roll into the New Year! I guess this is the part where I tell yall my story; introduce you to my world. So, here goes! I’m a rambunctious soul who longs for adventure, simplicity, and true love. I am the youngest of seven, counting my step- siblings, so I’ve been told all the ways I’m ‘supposed to live’. In reality I think it’s only confused me more. I like to forge my own path and set my own standards for living. Dancing to the beat of one’s own heart is a necessity in today’s world. & as for dancing goes, give me some rum and we’ll be out all night! I studied Anthropology in College, I work at a car lot during the day, and go to Paul Mitchell at night; I’ve got the answer to any of your random questions! I grew up on classic rock, my brother quizzing me to songs on the radio so he could make sure I always knew who was playing. My sister was right behind him keeping me up on the latest Tupac & Biggie songs. I can appreciate any good music that actually tells a story and exerts emotion. As I’ve grown over the past few years I developed a love for the blues. It touches my soul in a way I could never describe to anyone. This revelation came after my first trip to Louisiana, the place which I will one day make my home. Its magical presence captivated me from the state line all the way to the heart of New Orleans. I’ll never forget how I felt that day. I knew it was where I belonged, and boy was that a crazy feeling! From Dr. John (who stuns in concert btw!), Professor Longhair, Albert King, Muddy Waters, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Junior Wells, Tab Benoit, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, Otis (Redding and Rush), Luther Allison, & the ever so loved Mr. B. B. King. I could go on for days! I also love me some Santana, The Doors, Petty, CCR, Janis, & Jimi. Let us not forget about the great Stevie Ray Vaughan! Okay, lol, I’ll get caught up in the music so let us proceed... As far as fashion goes I’m not sure how to really explain my style, I just find intricate & cool pieces that tell a story to me & then I piece them with something else that I found in a similar manner. Most of my clothes are black in color; a flannel around my waist is what you’ll see 9 times out of 10, I don’t know why it just feels right. My closet is a mixture of black, skirts of all shapes & sizes, and my prized fur coats that I seldom wear in fear of spilling something on them. & let’s not forget about the leather! I’m a Leo so my mane is nowhere near tame; it’s wild and has a mind of its own. I actually like it that way though so I usually just go with the flow and don’t fix it very often. Let’s talk about travel now! It’s always been something I’ve felt deeply about. All through growing up I have been so intrigued by Egypt. I want to see the pyramids, ride atop a camel, and shop in the streets tangled into all the local people. I will stay up the entire night at least once while I’m there just looking at the stars. Oh & the Maldives! The most beautiful water, the hot sun, and a good book; you wouldn’t be able to get me outta the water. Somewhere else I plan to visit is Italy. I have relatives that still reside there, some of my aunts and cousins have been to visit & I’d love to do the same. Now let’s get on to the more personal matters; what makes me, me? The older I get the more I realize that the way a person was raised has a major impact on how they are as an adult. The last year of my life was the hardest thing I’ve lived through yet. It was the year that everything I’ve always ran away from, finally caught up to me. The year I couldn’t hide the impact of my childhood any longer, the year I couldn’t blame anyone else for why I was so unhappy, the year I learned to focus on my dreams and make peace with my nightmares. Troubled by the fact that my biological father was a cruel man who used violence against my mother, siblings, and me; I unknowingly carried this burden with me for years. You’d never know that side of our story though just be meeting us on the fly. We don’t discuss it, but who would. I only remember a few memories in this nature, thankfully. On the other hand, I wish I knew the other side of my dad better. I wish he’d wanted to be a part of my whole life. He was a bull rider in the rodeo, he can make anything you want from scratch, and his gardens are like something out of the farmer’s almanac. With that all said; the turmoil I felt by his absence was more than made up by my saint of a mother. She put us first in every aspect. Making sure were safe, loved, and well cared for. I owe her more than I could ever repay. Her strength and determination have been the best example of what a woman should be. It’s with this past that I have finally come to peace. No longer am I searching for something to ‘complete’ me, or make up for someone else’s bad decisions. I look at how much I have been blessed and I am content in the knowledge that everything does happen for a reason. I know that I was given this hand in life because I am strong enough to handle it. With faith and determination I can do anything I set my mind to, which is why I’m here right now, talking to all of you. Sharing my past and growing my future in the present moment. So after everything I’ve come to learn and love about myself I will leave you with this short little ditty; I’m a blast from the past & I’ll rock your world wink emoticon


Hi Hannah here! Most of you know Laura, and I just happen to be her sister! We have been Thick as thieves since day one, maybe it's a sister thing but she is my best friend and I am her biggest fan! We have been each others protectors and us against the world forever Then magic happen! I met Cheyenne too and it was like an answered prayer when she answered an ad to be my roommate. Our desire for adventure, love for style, outlook on life, and need to spread positivity brought us a great friendship.

 I'm shy at first so, I'll get past it by telling you about me now! My favorite color is a Teal ocean. I love sand, sunshine and shades. The beach is always calling me and I must go when it gets too loud! That's why I don't know how to say no to a road trip. I was once in love with a person who was totally wrong for me but yet I was consumed in that person, lost myself, all in the name of love. I woke up one day and saw I was incredibly unhealthy mentally and physically. Health is wealth and I was broke as fuck. It was that day I realized no one (besides yourself) can love you enough to make you care about your health. My physical appearance only affected me by how I felt about myself in the sense of growing old and living a good healthy life. I knew I have no control over 90% of things in my life but I do have control over my physical fitness. My weight loss has been the biggest struggle & celebration of my life! Mandy Hals said it best "it's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make happiness a priority. It's necessary!" My get fit journey was never about how sexy I would look or being closer to what society thinks I should be, it was always about changing my own universe. As if that would Improved our universe. Everyday I learn something but fitness is an attitude and once you make it apart of yourself you can't imagine life without it! I have a thing for starring at the stars, when I look up I realize every problem is small in comparison. I have always known I was a mermaid, but it was my fear of shallow living & constantly looking for depth that made it official! My long strawberry Blonde hair is the only warning you get before my sass shows up and shocks you! I could talk all day about music. Give me a good beat and I'll dance all night! My Pandora is full or the best random music, Alanis Moressettee, hippie sabotage, Staind, Limp Bizkit, Mac Miller, TLC, 90s alternative, Kid Cudi, Milky Chance, Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding, Bush, Stone Temple Pilots! I like Lyrics that make you think and Rhythms that make you move! I will go to Australia one day, it's a goal I have set for myself! I read a series (The Wishing Series) that got me curious about Australia. I then read a few travel books and I was hooked and set! I can't wait to see the cliff sides and learn to surf, also with soak up all the culture I can handle! I also dream of going to New Zealand. It is country of diverse natural beauty: mountains, raging rivers, scenic beaches, and active volcanic zones. Kiwi is my favorite fruit and it just happens to be a big deal there! nom nom! Cape Town is full of history and in a urban area with a beautiful coast. I long to explore the culture and see the past in such a place. Headbands are love, how can you not smile when you have flowers in you hair! I love color in my style, blues and greens all the way! I can never make friends with black but I will match it up with floral prints or a pop of color! Boots, leggings, color and headbands that's where it's at! Trying to keep my mind right, my soul straight and my heart strong! When it rains look for rainbows. When it's dark look for stars! No crabby pants allowed, only happy clams!

Photo Credit: staticflickr.com

Photo Credit: staticflickr.com

So there they are folks hope your intrigued and we have left you excited to explore with us! Our frist stop in Nashville TN !

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