My Wedding, and would I have change anything?

So now that Im Mrs Cianciolo and the wedding is over, looking back would I of done anything differently you ask?

Well, I thought my wedding was absolutely perfect! It was beautiful, everyone had fun, and it embodied us and who we are as a couple. 

If I was to change 5 things it would have been this…

  1. I would have put my daughter Willows hair up! Like most toddlers, her clip came out before the wedding even started and her hair was down in her face in all the photos! 

photo by  Rebeccka Jordan

2. Warm beverages! It ended up being a bit colder than planned and a warm drink would have been awesome and a splash of bourbon would be made it even better!  My girl Jenn An had to pull out her Faux fur coat!

photo by  Rebecca Jordan

3. Have my bachelorette party a month before instead of 2 days before the wedding. All I could think of at my bachelorette party was the wedding because it was 3 days before. Would it rain? Is everyone’s flights in on time, there was a hurricane in Florida! Did I finalize the music? I was more concerned about sleep and hydration and little details here and there to be calm enough to party! 

Laura_and_TJ_Michigan_Farm_Boho_Chic_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Traverse-City-MI_4765_websize (1).jpg

4. We wanted everything to be cool and relaxed so we didn’t do a seating arrangement. Now looking back I would have. I see our guest want it and except and it left gaps in the seating leaving a single chair here and there. although it really wasn’t that big of a deal.

photo by  Rebecca Jordan

5. If I didn’t communicate it, it didn’t happen! There was a few (2) things I didn’t communicate well with my crew and because of they weren’t quit what I planned and thats ok! But nows a good time to remind brides our crew aren’t mind readers. Small details you have pinned on your Pinterest will fall through the cracks unless you communicate these details. Because when the day come they are just wanting to make your day special not have you review and manage your day. Example I wanted a Kentucky Bourbon and Ale 8 One bar and we had both but they weren’t placed together all because I didn’t think to show anyone my vision I just keep saying “yea we will have Bourbon and ale 8” and although I knew what I men’t they didn’t know I meant a whole bar tho them self! So brides you cant get mad about something you didn’t communicate about enough!

What our guest loved the most about our wedding! 

  1. Our smores bar was hugely popular so popular we needed more gram crackers because everyone of all ages took part and that made us so happy! including this guy in the kilt!


2. Our honeymoon hut! people went wild over it and thought it was the absolute most adorable thing they had ever seen! Even when we posted our wedding photos it’s the first thing people comment on! Glamping has become the new vacation and it’s so us! Our guest love seeing it at the wedding, it was a great way for guest to connect with us and made a beautiful back drop to cocktail hour. Not to mention it was great for us because once we was ready to hit the sac we didn’t have to go to a stuffy hotel but instead our honeymoon hut was there waiting for us all cozy and cute under the stars!

3. We did it all different and people liked something that was so different than the normal! We skipped a guest book and other formal whatever’s. We popped a bottle of champagne and did a toast right at the ceremony under the tree! Since we already had everyone’s attention it worked well and had a drink in our guest hands as soon as the wedding started! we had sparkling cider for kids and people that don’t drink. We wanted a huge party.. a celebration and less of the formal or traditional stuff that didn’t mean much to use. The reception was for eating, drinking and dancing we didn't want our guest to have to wait to get their party on!

4. We where a kid friendly! Because it was outdoors it made it easier to be kid friendly. The kids had a blast most did not want to leave. our dance floor was sand so they played in the sand, they played with the farm goats, the pine cones, the smore’s and whatever else their imagination could think up in a magical woodland setting!

photo by  Rebecca Jordan

5. It was a small wedding. we had exactly 69 guest at our wedding because of that we got to talk to everyone and had time to dance. any more and i don’t believe would have been able to do that and 69 was still pushing it. It felt good to get to talk and take photos with just about everyone! A lot of our family and friends live all over so we was meeting some people for the first time so we where happy with a small wedding.

6. because I am so happy with how it turned out there is a 6th! We did our best to have a very low impact on the environment when it came to our wedding, and it didn’t break our bank doing so! being outdoors you have to think where is all that plastic or trash going to go? No Balloons, No Confetti, no paper or plastic decor only 1 box of solo cups for the keg and the bags that had chocolate covered cherries in them was the only plastic that we had used! we even tree stumps and potted herbs for decor,

photo by  Rebecca Jordan
photo by  Rebecca Jordan
Photo by  Rebecca Jordan

How to make the perfect Honeymoon Hut 

I think its obvious you will need a tent, since your outdoors in the weather I suggest a sturdy tent! Our tent was from white duck outdoor and it was extremely sturdy actually the week before the wedding it was a down pour of rain up to the wedding day and the tent was dry! We set it up a week before to insure we had plenty of time to test it out and we was so impressed! It was also had to find affordable tent company that wasn’t being shipping from overseas and having to wonder about what I was getting or when I was getting. In fact white Duck Outdoors coustmer service was amazing! I was able to text them any time I had a question about ordering or assembling. Very kind and helpful people! You just don’t see that kinda of coustmer service any more!

The 4 most Important Basics

Bedding and a place to sit stuff, and a rug to really help make it feel like a home but it’s just a bonus. We had a 10” Avalon and a queen sized air Mattress fit in the tent like a glove. I suggest putting a fleece blanket between you and the air mattress to keep warm trust me when I say the extra layer under you is important when it comes to an air mattress! 

We used a stump out side and inside the tent to use as a table. One as a bar and one as a s’mores zone. We used a basket to hold extra blankets but it also makes the tent even more so adorable.

An overnight bag: huge tip .. stashed away makeup wipes, PJ, socks, and a Gatorade so after the wedding you had everything you need in the tent! Baskets are a great way to make the tent cozy and stash your stuff inside discreetly and still keep it cute.  

Lighting .. but you actually don’t need much. We was very surprised how much one “thin battery operated strand of rope light” gave off. The top of our White Duck Outdoors tent has a spot on the top of the poll to hang your light! Very helpful and we wasn’t stumbling around in the dark. Funny story though…. My husband was helping take off my dress by pulling it off over my head and it got stuck! hahaha no joke thought I was going to be smothered to death by my wedding dress luckily there was enough room to frolic around to survive this comical moment!

Amazon and Thrift stores! Thanks to amazon prime you can just about get anything you need or have forgot, shipped to you in just a few day but also thrift store make a great place to find almost anything you need to glamp like baskets and it’s where we got our boho rug for $9. We was able to use most of the stuff around our homes and nows the perfect time to get creative! all you really need is to mix your home decor with your camping bin to glamp. More than likely you’r not hiking along way to your camp zone and are able to pull up to your camp site, back yard or where ever you decide to glamp! So loading down the jeep with blankets, baskets, coolers and lamps is really no big deal! Our tent was huge and had more room than needed if you decide you also want to bring the kids or your friends. The experience is just to nice not to share and not to make happen. i though glamping was only for a special occasion or the lazy but its just another ways to get outdoors and enjoy we have made it a regular experience for our family now! we plan to host a halloween outdoor movie night with our tent next!

For more glamping Follow white duck on Instagram here

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