Food for Thought!

So where do I start this blog? It seems like I should start with the basics since I feel that’s where we went wrong forgetting the most simple and basic knowledge we know about nutrition. I'll try to keep it short since I feel I could literally write a book on this topic! 

Watching this short video is a great place to start about where we all went wrong, it’s so well said I don’t believe I could say it any better.   Here: Where Our Food Pyramid Went Wrong.

So basically not all carb are created equal we don't need simple carbs and complex carbs like oat meal and whole grains are good in moderation and the lack of "animal fats" such a beef and butter could be causing us heart disease and obesity. YES FAT IS GOOD, and "low Fat" is bad mostly because when a product has the fat taking out means something has to fill its place. "fat substitutes" are what makes us fat. if you want more info on that read the book "The Big Fat surprise"   I live by this and live off of meat veggies and cheese and its not a bad life lol! It’s not really our fault that we have forgotten the basics when we are constantly being filled with myths about food. I mean how many times have we heard.. eggs are good for you .. eggs are bad for you, and back to being good for you again. 

Here are a few things to remember to make it a little more simple for you:

1. Our body is a complex system; it needs multiple foods that work together in order to run our system. We cannot just eat one magical thing that makes us healthy. Such as avocado or coconut oil..  Poof.. You got abs. Say you are low on Vitamin D. You can't just drink Vitamin D filled Milk and be cured. Our body also needs protein in order to absorb that Vitamin D.  like any system .. it relies on multiple functions in order to work properly and one thing wrong can jam up the whole system. Its why we got to treat our body good all the time and look at all the parts in order to treat the whole body.

 2. Our heritage has a big say in what makes use ill. That’s why one diet may work for your friends and not you. We must pay attention to what makes us feel yucky. I live on a high diet of spinach, veggies and meats but my sister doesn’t digest leafy greens well but leafy greens keep my digestion on track.  A lot of that has to do with her gallbladder being taken out and she does do better when she chops them finely.  (We are also experimenting on her with a digestive healing diet I’ve researched but ill have to update you when we are done.) Eventually we all die and hopefully from natural cause/illness cause by our heritage. Because something dose have to get us one day. The purpose of this blog isn't to live forever it's to feel good while we live. Thats why Im no extremist every thing in moderation, listen to your body and just try your best. I still love to indulge, trust me I love wine and brownies. I do find the cleaner you eat and doing it in baby steps you will look back and see how far you have came and it was addictive to see the next thing you can cut out to feel well. You will here people compare our bodies and eating habits to "Back Then" and while there is a lot of pros and a lot of cons about now and then. At the end of the day the truth is we mostly we eat to be the best version of our selfs and back then they ate to survive thats why a large part of there diet was bread! pilgrim suffering from scurvy is not reading this blog lol!

3. Foods that are highly processed are Awful because of there no longer real food and need preservatives! Our bodies have trouble breaking it down because it is not recognized as real substances our body needs to absorb.  We store it in fat form My rule of thumb is “how many steps away from “farm fresh” is this. I don’t mean what the label says either, but actually could your grandmother cook/make this in her own kitchen with ingredients you can find in your local grocery. This is why simple carb and high fructose corn syrup  is so bad, there processed so much it’s far from actual grains. all sugar is bad for you but the worst is High Fructose corn syrup because it’s in everything and so overly processed! You just have to get in the habit of reading labels.  High Fructose corn syrup does not mean corn is bad the process of making it into syrup is bad. High Fructose Corn Syrup inhibits leptin causing us to not feel full and then we may over eat.  It's even in lunch meats so no wonder we eat the house and wonder why we are still hungry! There are some processed foods that aren’t completely bad but they're not good either sometimes they're not filled with awful chemical and Preservatives but they're just empty calories when your body would better thrive on something better rather than just surviving on junk that makes us feel not so great. Stop counting calories and start counting nutrition! Example of food like this would be cereals, simple carbs like white bread, goldfish crackers, veggie chips, white rice,  and even power bars.

More about Carbs here (Video)

More about Sugar (Video) 

4. Preservatives are a big part of why processed foods are so bad because they're in everything! The first problem is the label because I didn’t just come out and say preservatives. At the end of this paragraph, I have listed some of the most popular preservatives. Think of it this way... We have soaked our food in something that prevents it from breaking down and molding sometimes for years, yet confused when our bodies don’t break it down! Honestly, if you look at 30 years of research the outcomes are all mixed and a lot has to do with The people that pay to have the research done. The outcomes can be very biased and the wording can be for there own benefits and not always completely honest if you ask me. In my research even WebMD, a trusted health website had an article stated most food preservatives were ok in moderation but quoted by Nestle every time. The very next article on WebMD was about food to avoid when depressed and the effects it has on the brain! Almost every food in the last article that was “ok” was on the list of foods to avoid when depressed! That’s what makes it so hard to understand what and we should eat. You can research all you want but with mixed info like that what are we left to believe. So while what you read on the internet can be mixed 2 things are for sure! (1. You just have to listen to your body and how it feels after these types of food. While some people may be pretty Tolerable other can have a slight allergy to them and may affect them worst 2. Before artificial preservatives came around we preserved our food with cultures! Although I’m no doctor or nutritionist I can say that when humans stopped eating food preserved with cultures/probiotics it’s when our healthy started to suffer. )

That’s why this next one is all about gut health and probiotics but first heres how to avoid preservatives and processed foods!

Some easy way to avoid preservatives additives and processed foods are

1. Shred your on cheese buy buying a block of cheese. You will have a little money and it tase better and shredded cheese is covered in starch you want to avoid to keep from clumping!

2. Make your own dressings/condiments/sauces! these are riddled with preservatives, added starches and thickeners it’s also loaded with extra sugars/ high fructose corn syrup. 

3. Pre made meals/snacks beware of the labels “just 90 calories a meal they say” but the rubbery rice and carrots are covered in chemicals and preservatives. One big shocker is quaker oat meal! The little single pre packs portions has added preservatives and thickener but not in the big can of oat meal. It should be safe to assume they are the same product but sadly not. I am not brand loyal for 2 reasons small brands sell out and there label will stay the same but ingredient may slowly change. Also "Annies" a popular organic kids brand while there box mac and cheese seems good and straight forward the canned pasta Os are loaded with sugars so we cant relay on brand names or words like all natural or organic. Popular "healthy ice cream" Halo top is a good example. So it's higher in protein then most and lower in sugar but when I eat Halo top my heart races I don't know why but it dose it every time except 1 flavor I ate and only ate 1/4 of a cup. Maybe it's the way it's processed or a chemical in it either ways its a lesson on why we got to listen to our bodies.

list of preservatives to watch for: 

  • MSG
  • Food Coloring (red20 and Yellow5 Yellow 6 are the biggest to advoid)                                                                                              read more on these preservatives here

4. Cereals even when “low sugar, low carb” cereals are still one of them most intensely processed foods there is even when there low calories there still empty calories that’s why your hungry shortly after eating cereals and simple carbs in general. 

5. Gut Health and probiotics ....Which I know a lot about after have I parasites from another country’s water supply. while my friend suffered the same event from the same place she now suffers from a lot of health problems and it’s all cause we don’t give our gut health enough credit! We want that flat stomach and abs but don’t think what’s passed the abs. So here we go! Your gut healthy is your second brain the circuit board to your bodies health! It affects everything in your nervous system, depression, allergies, your energy level, how well you absorb foods and nutrition and your immune system just to list a few. So there is something called prebiotic's and we actually get them from coffee so most of us are lucky that we are a culture that is obsessed with coffee. Then you got probiotics we get from fermented foods such as Kombucha, Pickled Foods like kimchi and sauerkraut, and Kefir between them 3 on a regular your gut health can be restored and maintained. You do have to be careful about pickled food because sadly a lot of stuff on the self is masses produced and not fermented an easy way to tell is if it bubbles when you open it you can also look for "live Cultures" on the label as well. We are learning more every day about our gut and people are catching on so there more products on the market that are created with fermentation. We do need to ingest probiotics every 3 days so sorry but you can’t eat a cup of yogurt and be good for the rest of your life lol. also when I was restoring my gut health it took some time, it was a slow process  but worth it!  Fiber and bone broth are also huge in the gut game! We need good fibers to keep everything moving and flowing and not sticking around for too long if you know what I mean. I think everyone knows how important fiber is we just forget to keep up our fiber game! Bone broth benefits were just spoken about on the Today Show and I made a blog about the benefits you can read here to keep me from ranting too long! I also took a essential oil that really helped my gut heal and parasites Digize 

Now Take a deep Breath! 

It can be hard to know what’s good for you because the “rules” are always changing some is because of corruption but some is just because we learn new things all the time and  scientist are just as humans as we are. New brands come out everyday some mean well! Some aren’t even trying to market them self as healthy food just a better alternative and that’s where we got to know the difference in food that’s fuels us and treats you have every now and then. Ask your self? Is this product to good to be true? How far is this product from “farm fresh” read the many are there and do you recognize?

While the FDA is there to protect us and we don't worry about spoiled food making us sick, many of the preservatives we consume everyday are band in Europe! Like I said above it’s highly controversial that research and data go back and forth on if we should or not. I believe we should cut back as much as we can.  What I can tell you is, what everyone if you really want to know cut it out of your diet for Three months and just see how you feel and how your body react to the change.

Im no proffissional or doctor this is just how I live my life and articles I have trusted. 

at the end of the day I follow a paleo/keto friendly diet and it works great for me but I also indulge because I don't want to live in a world with out ice cream with my daughter.  Luckily we don't have to be perfect just try a little better than we have now that we have this new information!